Golden Globes 2011 vs 2010: Beauty Predictions and Trends

2011 has come upon us at lightning speed and we are heading full force into my favorite time of year – Award Season! Oh how I love the couture gowns in all shapes and colors or the way the jewels glisten with every move. Yes this is what I live for.

During Award Season celebs aim to put their best face and body forward; doing everything from crazy diets to extreme facials and body treatments. The pampering does not stop there. Top stylists dress them in hopes they land “Best Dressed.” As seen on the Rachel Zoe show, Zoe will go beyond to get the dresses she needs to achieve fashion superiority for her clients.
But what happens when celebs miss the mark? There are always a handful of celebs that clearly did not look in the mirror before leaving the house and wind up walking the red carpet looking like they just rolled out of bed or are just wearing the wrong dress.

The Golden Globes are fast approaching, taking place next Sunday January 16. Looking back at last year there were definitely some winners of “The Mess” award. I am wondering if those winners learned from their mistakes or will commit the same crime. Lets take a look at some of the celebs that missed the mark in the fab department.

Golden Globes 2011 versus 2010 Beauty Predictions

Niecy Nash: It was raining last year for the Golden Globes but Niecy could have been introduced to a comb and her bangs completely cover her eye. She should not be hiding her face, she should be hiding that dress.

Golden Globes 2011 vs 2010: Beauty Predictions and Trends

Vanessa Minnillo: I know Vanessa was a former Miss Teen USA but there are no excuses for that hair. It looks like she stepped straight off the stage from her evening gown number at a competition.

Golden Globes 2011 vs 2010: Beauty Predictions and Trends
Penelope Cruz: Can we say spray tan? The faux orange glow is something that should be saved for the Jersey Shore cast. Penelope is such a beauty but the orange complexion is not attractive. Not to mention her dress looks like she borrowed it from Morticia Adams.

Golden Globes 2011 vs 2010: Beauty Predictions and Trends

Tina Fey: I am a lover of make-up and Tina Fey’s just does not do anything for me. It looks like she could be going to a corporate meeting rather than the Golden Globes – nothing stands out.

Golden Globes 2011 vs 2010: Beauty Predictions and Trends

Chloe Sevigny: Look no further for your drapes, I seem to have found them. Chloe’s Valentino gown was too much material and not enough wow. Her hair is understated but with a dress that takes over, I guess it would be hard to do anything to her hair.

Hopefully these dolls step their game up for the Golden Globes next week; I am excited to see if they pull through. I am hopeful that they will not commit a fashion crime two years in a row. What do you think? Who are you excited to see?

Nicole Iannitti,

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