SOFTLIPS Giveaway & Review: Replenish Anti-Aging & Beeswax Lip Conditioners

I don’t know about you, but recently my pocketbook has been crammed with lip conditioners. One is such a lonely number, so I’ve been packing multiples of gobsmacking lip conditioners in every flavor from mint to cherry.

Yes, it’s an obsession, folks.

Recently, two new Softlips products came across my beauty desk. Both are new: one is slim and the other one is slightly chubbier, almost Chapstick size. The slim one is called Replenish with SPF 20. This is designed to condition and do anti aging magic on your pucker. It has an antioxidant formula of acai berry oil, cranberry seed oil, and vitamins E, A and C.

Softlips Replenish with SPF 20

The other new product, which I LOVE more than chocolate chip pancakes and life itself is the mint-flavored Beeswax Lip Conditioner. Beeswax is the bee’s knees, my friends. This fat conditioner softens and conditions with jojoba oil and vitamin E and is gunk free (we’re talking no gluten, parabens, hydrocarbons etc.). None of that nasty stuff should be touching your lips anyway.

Softlips Beeswax Lip Conditioner

The Beeswax Conditioner retails for $1.99 and the Replenish retails for $3.29 at drugstores. Best of all, we are giving away three sets to three lucky gals — simply sign up and leave a comment below to win both.

Are you a lip conditioner fiend? Tell us!

Charu Suri

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