H20 Plus: See Results with the Sea Pure Line Review

Modern science believes that life as we know it started in the ocean and moved on from there, so perhaps just spending time closer to the source of everything lends that restful glow to beach-goers everywhere. It follows that bottling the life-giving essence of the ocean would be a smart move toward beautiful skincare. H20+ does just that with its Sea Pure line. The five-product line-up relies on the core ingredients of amino acids from the ocean and sea moss to heal and hydrate skin and uses citrus oils for an invigorating burst of freshness; it’s summer vacation distilled in a skin regimen for winter woes.

The Cream Facial Cleanser relies on the aforementioned sea-faring amino acids and moss, but also uses apple amino acids in the name of gentle cleansing. The rich lather produced by the softens skin as it sweeps away oil and dirt.

For a deeper clean, the Gentle Refining Polish keeps the marine amino acids and moss and adds bamboo extract to create the finest of scrubs. Exfoliating in the wintertime keeps dry, flaky skin at bay, so using this polish two to three times a week will keep skin in prime condition.

Just to ensure pores stay clear and unclogged, the Renewing Prep Tonic brightens skin by complementing the physical exfoliation of the polish with a chemical one provided by lactic acid.

Now that the face has been cleaned, it can fully benefit from the treatment of the Deep Moisture Cream and the Perfecting Eye Cream. Both products utilize jojoba seed and coconut extract as well as Atlantic sea flora to penetrate skin with moisture. Facing four months of dry heated indoor air and stinging wind and precipitation outdoors, this duo looks mighty appealing to angry cold-weather skin.

Beyond the virtues of the individual products, the line itself has three large selling points. First, the company goes as far as possible to ensure that they’ve give consumers a completely vegan product that forgoes those other boogeymen of the beauty world: parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and sulfates.

It would be awfully hard to slather on a cosmetic cream knowing it did ugly things to the environment or animals in a lab, and the people behind H20+ recognize this and deliver accordingly. Next, in the age of economy, the website gives at least one other use for each of the products. The cleanser is gentle enough to clean make-up brushes and sponges, the eye cream will also treat wrinkles on the upper lip, and the face cream relieves dry and cracking cuticles. It’s another piece of evidence of the company’s mindfulness of the needs of today’s consumers. We’re all looking for ways to stretch and maximize our beauty products.

The third deals with the specific nature of Sea Pure group itself. The amino acids present in each of the five products promote cell turnover to smooth skin and give it a youthful cast, but the formulas of each are so mild, they work for people who seek to calm sensitive skin in addition to those who want to banish the signs of aging. Moreover, the cleansers and creams contain glycerin, known to help acne breakouts. Like retinols, these products cater to both the anti-acne and anti-wrinkle camps because the the active ingredients (again, those marine amino acids) cause the growth of healthy new cells. The universal appeal makes this a truly versatile line for aging, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

The Sea Pure products retail for $18-$40 at www.h2oplus.com.

Katharine McKenzie

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