Review: Hair Rules Stylist, Dickey, Debuts New Blow Out Products, Book Review

Hairstylist Dickey wrote the book on textured hair – literally. Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair came out in 2003, followed by the Hair Rules Salon in New York City, and a line of products. Because Dickey categorizes hair by texture, not ethnicity, each type of hair gets exactly what it needs, whether it’s the Kinky Curl Cream, Curly Whip, or Wavy Mousse, to air dry to perfection.

Even more to his surprise, clients with wavy hair reported loving the olive oil and honey in the Kinky Curl Cream as well as the protein in the Curly Whip. The two products transcended texture type.

Now, for textured ladies who want to go straight without committing to a chemical process, Hair Rules has produced a new series of styling products: Blow Out Your Kinks, Blow Out Your Curls, and Blow Out Your Waves. Since I loved the way the Curly Whip gave me soft air-dried spirals, I eagerly doused my waves in Blow Out Your Waves and went to town with my sleek blow-dryer nozzle. The spray uses a co-polymer of glycerin to keep the hair cuticle smooth and straight, but on my first go round, I was less than impressed when my hair turned out frizzy. Because I found the other products so effective, I vowed to give the it another shot. As I scrutinized the label, looking any possible wrong turn I might have made, it dawned on me that I used Blow Out Your Waves the way I did the super-emollient Curly Whip – as a styler and a leave-in treatment.

The next time, I prepped my damp hair with a conditioning cream, then hit it again with the Hair Rules spray, and when all was said and done, I straight hair with lots of volume. After I set the look with a quick mist of hairspray, I went about my day in some humid October weather, and my style held. It even earned a compliment from my notoriously hard-to-please sassy gay friend. Just a little extra moisture made all the difference.

The new Blow Out products retail from $9.50-$20 at

Katharine McKenzie

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