Best DIY Beauty Uses For Baking Soda: How It Benefits Skin, Hair & Teeth #bstat

We know it’s always been sitting in your cabinet, next to your snacks or recipe books. It’s helped you get through so many brownie fixes and cases of the munchies. But seriously, this $1 box can also double as your beauty fairy Godmother.

But, first a little background (you knew that was coming, right?) on Baking Soda. The kitchen fixture begins as Trona Ore, which is found in ancient lake beds beneath the high plains deserts of the Central Midwest. I had the opportunity to hold a sleek swatch of Trona Ore (which looks like quartz crystal) in my hands the other day as I attended an Arm & Hammer event, and was amazed to see how different it looked from the white, chalky substance I’ve been using on a regular basis in my baking adventures.

In this silly economic situation we’ve gotten ourselves in, it’s a bit comforting to think your esthetician is as close by as in your kitchen cabinet, right?

Here are some of the versatile roles Baking Soda can play in your daily beauty routine:

1. You can use it as a facial and body scrub. Make a paste of three parts Baking Soda to one part water and rub to remove the pesky, unwanted layer of dead skin cells;

2. Dry Shampoo. Who would have thought? Mix Baking Soda with regular talcum powder and insert the mixture in shafts of hair on your “non wash” days. You can also mix the Soda with your favorite Shampoo to exfoliate your scalp and remove buildup from styling products. Easier than making jello!

3. Get into your hot tub and soak your muscles in a delicious Bath Soak with 1/2 cup of Baking Soda. This mixture acts like a neutralizer and brings your skin’s PH levels to 7 — all the while washing away oils and perspiration.

4. Although a bit unconventional, you CAN brush your teeth with a sprinkle of Baking Soda. This Wonder Woman of kitchen aids also masquerades as a mouthwash: simply use 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and reap the rewards of a great smile for days afterwards…

5. Baking Soda is a great natural deodorant because it absorbs odors (just dust under your arms, if you dare!). This also goes for less than fragrant spots around your house. Take THAT, multitaskers!

Have I put this to the test? Sure have! My Baking Soda mani/ pedi was a very pleasant experience, and my feet only tingled very slightly. The exfoliating properties of Baking Soda seem to be as much of a well-kept secret as the whereabouts of the Holy Grail…

Tell us, have you used Baking Soda or kitchen goodies in your beauty routine?

Arm & Hammer’s Baking Soda can be found everywhere where baking aides are sold, and it costs only $1.00!

Charu Suri

So tell us, what will you do to add a little baking soda to your beauty routine?

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