Halloween Nail Polish Trends & Review: The Shades of Ghoulish Sparkle Colors

It’s that time of year where we begin the search for that perfect Halloween costume. With hits such as True Blood ,Vampire Diaries and the Twilight Saga, shades of blood are on everybody’s mind. A no brainer here to gloss your digits with some dark and seductive, The Ring – esque nail shades. Ladies (and some gentlemen? Adam Lambert?), we introduce you to some colorful trends. If you want all the drama, and none of girly pinks and nudes, there are options for you. On the other hand, if that’s all you’re craving, then the selection is pretty good too. Here, we talk about colors from Sinful Colors, Barielle, NARS and MAC Cosmetics.

Sinful Colors is a new line with collections including Get Haunted and Colors of Darkness. With names such as Mercury Rising, Daddy’s Girl,What’s your Name, See you Soon and Hot Spot (which I’m currently wearing; it’s dark but beautiful!), Sinful Colors brings you seductive shades at an affordable price. For just $1.99 per bottle, why not help yourself to the entire collection? Available at Walgreens for $1.99 each.

Seeking the innocence of little lamb Bella from Twilight? Barielle offers lighter shades including Blossom, Ecstasy and A Bouquet for Ava (a beautiful Caribbean blue that’s shining pretty on my toes) and is recognized as a healthy choice of polish, being free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl-phthalate and other harsh irritants. Retailing for $8.00, this fun and safe collection can be located at Ulta stores nationwide or online at Barielle.com.

Want to don costumes from movies such as Full Metal Jacket, Mash or King Kong? NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection has been resurrected for a limited time, and each shade has a common theme of classic movies. This collection can be ordered from narscosmetics.com for $16, the price of three Starbucks lattes.

MAC Cosmetics‘ recent Venomous Villains collection, inspired by four classic Disney villains, includes three unique nail shades. I love that MAC and Disney collaborated on this project to bring us a fun yet dark collection for this season. The product names are just as engaging as the collection itself: Mean & Green, Bad Fairy and Formidable create the nail lacquer collection based on the evil doers we love to hate. All are online and retail for a superstitious $13.

Whether you are hitting your favorite Halloween party as Sookie Stackhouse, Bella Swan or Bill Compton, there are fabulous options to choose from when completing that sexy, seductive and vampy look.

And let’s not forget the MINX mani, yes? Which character will you be channeling this Halloween?

Amelia Keith

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