Review: File under "Maybe": The Infiniti by Conair "You Curl"

The Infiniti Conair You Curl is an instant curling tool with a no-clamp, simply wrap characteristic. When I read this I thought this sounds a little scary, almost a shade dangerous. The other words on the box state: tourmaline ceramic heater — instantly restores ultra high heat 400°F.

The positive aspects of this curling iron are that it is made with tourmaline ceramic which is less damaging to your cuticle. For those of you who are fact hogs, tourmaline is a precious stone that possesses the ability to release negative ions when heated. These negative ions actually cause less damage to your cuticle (think of them as an invisible cuticle armor) that gives your hair the smooth and flawless finish. The iron gets to its high temperature very quickly — in a mere 30 seconds, to be exact. That’s faster than you can make water boil.

The negative aspects seem to outweigh the positive. I’ll be honest that it is a bit difficult to handle, because you don’t want to burn yourself. Maneuvering it to get the proper angle may cause a burn here or there. The ability to curl the hair to the end is difficult. The tip of the hair has to remain held onto in order to keep the hair wrapped around the iron.
I was happy with the fast heating and the tourmaline ceramic. However, the uneasy maneuvering left this piece less desirable. After weighing the many benefits of the Infiniti by Conair You Curl, I am still a bit more partial to the older curling iron model.

But for those of you who are fans of tourmaline ceramic devices, you may want to check this out. There’s even a delicious pale pink option for those who want to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

This model retails for $44.99 here.

Princess Rivera

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