How to Dress for National Wear Red Day

Today is the day when millions of Americans recognize the dangers of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease by wearing red in commemoration of American Heart Health Month.

This national movement was founded by the American Heart Association as a way of keeping women aware of the dangers of heart disease. Now, we’re not asking you to get dressed looking like a tomato or a Christmas ornament, but to stylishly support this very important occasion. Here are some tips:

Wear a True, Red Lipstick

Gwen Stefani

In my mind, a delicious dark red lipstick – the color of mulled wine, red berries, claret or Santa Claus’s outfit – is essential for National Wear Red Day. Some lipsticks we love include:

Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Jet Set Red

This luscious lipstick delivers color for up to eight hours (it wears off a bit when you feel peckish) and delivers a not too garish red.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color ($30)

Chanel Rouge Allure

Our hands down favorite red shade is 79 in Impertinente. If you’re feeling in a more of a “Stefani” mood, try Audace, a more coral shaded red.

THEN, wear some great red pieces to layer your outfit. These could include jewelry:

Avon mark Have a Heart Bracelet ($12)

Avon Mark Have a Heart Bracelet

Proceeds of this bracelet benefit another great cause: teenage domestic and emotional abuse. Why not do charitable deeds some favor and dress up with style using layers of this?

Desert Rose Bib by Avon ($24.99)

Desert Rose Bib Necklace by Avon

You can pair your lippie and jewelry with just about any outfit — not just a red dress (and being a New Yorker, you couldn’t get away with an entirely red outfit anyway.

Just wear your beautiful red soled shoes (Loubs, if you’re lucky, or your Lulu Guinness), and you’ll be ready to make a beauty and fashion statement that’s truly fierce.