Redken Style Connection Wool Shake, Matte Sponge, Velvet Gelatine for Haircare

Like the gift of the Magi on a particularly cold winter morning, these three beauties arrived at my doorstep for testing. Now, I’ve always been a huge fan of Redken’s styling products, from the Aereate texturizer to the Glass 01 Smoothing Serum.

But these three new products really go the extra mile in volumizing and texturizing your hair. If you want seriously JERSEY GIRL hair, then these products should really belong in your closet.

These textures are inspired by looks straight from the runway, and if you’re hair has felt flat and limp and lifeless as a dead fish or just plain unruly (like the bully from school), then you should be yelling Hail Mary when you’ve tried these products.

Velvet Gelatine

Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioned Blow Dry Gel takes limp and lifeless hair to seriously volumized heights. It’s a gel that cushions your hair; use a small dime size amount for an airy and bouncy effect.

Wool Shake

Once you’ve finished blow drying and volumizing your hair, then texturize it, bad-ass style! I love the Wool Shake 08 which is a gel-slush texturizer that transforms flat hair into something va, va voom. This texturizer is basically the genie in Aladdin’s lamp: if you want piecey hair, you can have it. If you want serious texture, you can layer this gel in several layers to get a look that even Adam Lambert will envy. I used a touch of it to recreate this look.

Charu with Redken Charu Redken

The final texturizing product is the matte sponge 05 rugged texturizer that transforms the look of hair from dull to drab. This is for seriously roughed up, tough, biker-chick look for a defining fringe.

Redken Matte Sponge

To recap, use the products for the following styles:

matte sponge 05 rugged texturizer: this sponge like product adds separation with some serious tough finish to “biker-chick” a look.

Rugged Look

velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel: is a really light gel that melts into damp hair to give you perfect cushioned finish with tons of shine. Now you can really get Padma Lakshmi hair without trying!

Padma Lakshmi

wool shake 08 gel-slush texturizer: is a slushie in a bottle! It becomes a gel when shaken and texturizes hair to give an uneven and unrefined feel to the hair…a la Padma Lakshmi (again).

Padma Lakshmi unrefined hair

These beauties are available as part of the NEW Style Connection and retail for $17 each at for salons.