How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow with Chella Brow Tool Kit

The arch of all arches are your eyebrows (no, not the Arc de Triomphe or the St. Louis Gateway Arch) — perhaps the first aspect of your face that people will see.

I totally love and adore the new Chella Brow Tool Kit that gives you the opportunity to shape, pluck and trim your brows to perfection. Each package is like a sewing machine kit that offers three specific tools: a pair of elegant scissors, a unique eyebrow razor (you can comb your brows after you trim them), and a pair of specially-designed tweezers.

Chella Brow Tool Kit

Chella Brow Tool Kit

For $40, the Chella Brow Tool Kit ensures you’ll really never need to schedule a brow shaping appointment at your local salon. It’s easy as pie to do.

The best way to get the most bang for your buck for the Chella Brow Tool Kit would be to visit the Chella Brow Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue if you live in New York City. It offers complimentary brow makeovers from 11am – 7pm with the purchase of a Brow Tool Kit, and the estheticians there REALLY know their brows. To make an appointment, please call 212-940-2307.

Once you achieve the brow shape you desire, then the $40 kit is perfect for maintain. You groom the excess hair on a weekly basis with the unique razor, and then tweeze any fine hairs with the unique tweezer. Brush your brows back and then use the Brown Color Kit ($45) that’s perfect for the color of your eyebrow. We used the Dazzling Dark Brown Kit that contains a European-designed mechanical pencil that helps you fill your sparse hairs (use a feathering technique to fill the brows), a Lace Highlighter that fresh, brighten and visibly lift the eyes (this pencil should be applied to the brow bone), and a stick of clear Brow Defining Gel to groom and keep eyebrows in place:

Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Brow Color Kit

These three tools come with a sharpener. Don’t leave home without them!

Once you use them religiously — the trick is to really set a calendar appointment in your notebook and stick to it — you’ll find that your brows will naturally take that contour and shape, and the tweezing and grooming will be easy to keep up after that.

Megan Fox Perfect Brows

Because who doesn’t want foxy brows?

Isn’t it time you invested in your brows? Tell us, what do you do for your brows? Just visit a salon and let them shape it any old way?

– Charu Suri

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