(Review & Photos): Dior Summer 2011 Electric Tropics Collection (Rosy Tan Palette #754)

The Dior Summer 2011 Electric Tropics collection is full of BRIGHT shades and jewel tones. Think rosy sunsets, mocha skin, coral shades from underwater, and crowns of hibiscus. Think South Pacific palm trees.

Yes, very Lilly Pulitzer, one might say.

I love the Electric Nails duo in this collection. The shades of Paradise Pink and Aloha both come with their own bottle of topcoat to seal the deal. $26, each.

Here I am wearing the 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Rosy Tan #754 (this is found on Sephora.com as well). I’ve used only the various shades of brown, mocha & champagne in the first picture below and I think this could be a good look for the day (pair it with a nice eye liner and Dior Show mascara for an amped up effect).

Dior Summer 2011 Electric Tropics Rosy Tan Palette

Dior Rosy Tan Palette Eye Shadow Summer 2011

Using just the brown shades of the Rosy Tan Palette

The Dior Addict Lipstick in Fire (#545) is to die for. Smooth, emollient and just the right amount of color for that January Jones look, this lipstick will work well on many skin tones. It looks much more pink on its own:

Dior Summer 2011 Dior Addict Lipstick in Fire #545

But paired with the Rosy Tan Palette (above), it gives you a total pop of color. I’ve layered the pink eyeshadow on my lids to get this “evening,” more feminine look:

Dior Summer 2011 Electric Tropics

This is a versatile palette and lipstick to purchase for Summer, and it reminds us of Dior’s Summer 2010 collection (“Addicted to Dior”) but with a lot more mocha/chocolate shades than pink:

Dior Summer 2010 Addicted to Dior Collection

Dior Summer 2010 Palette

There’s another palette in this collection, which is the Rosy Nude palette, and that’s not available in Sephora.

We would love to know your thoughts on the palette and lipstick above in the Dior Summer 2011 collection. Love it? Hate it? Drop us a comment below.

– Charu Suri

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