Review: How to Wear Glitter on your Eyelids: LIT Cosmetics "No Glitter No Glory" Kit

When I received the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base at the New York City Makeup Show in May, I was a bit mystified. I’d never been a huge glitter gal per se, but I also knew that many of my eye shadows had sparkle and flecks of glitter in them (I use these only when I’m going out to party).

No Glitter No Glory LIT Cosmetics Kit

Typically, in order to make my glitter stay on my eyelids, I’ve been using primer. But as I found out from LIT Cosmetics‘ “LIT Kit,” one should really use the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, a transparent liquid you should mix the glitter with the clear transparent liquid all over the skin. The liquid creates a bond with the glitter and prevent loose particles from floating. How many times have you experienced flecks, foils and galactic like properties all over your face? For me…way too many.

No Glitter No Glory LIT Cosmetics Kit

The LIT Kit conveniently comes with a cotton ball in a handy travel-ready mesh bag, a 1 fl. oz. size of the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, and a pot of glitter (shown here in Beach Baby). Here’s what I think of the product.

No Glitter No Glory LIT Cosmetics Kit

The liquid goes on your eyelids like silicone. It’s extremely gentle, and there’s no harshness or stinging sensation at all. All you need to do is layer the liquid on the skin’s surface area with some cotton, and then dip the brush into the pot of glitter and then spread it where you want it to be, on your lids. And that’s it. The liquid adheres to the glitter pretty much instantly and doesn’t come off. For hours! That’s pretty impressive.Budge proof and solid as a rock.

It doesn’t get better in the glitter world than this.

The “No Glitter No Glory” kit (LIT Kit) is available online at

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