(Review) Klorane Launches Magnolia Wax Haircare Line for Shiny Hair

The secret to shiny hair is definitely found in nature. Many brands with a keen R&D team keep a lookout for plants that defy extreme temperatures or have some particular attribute that can help them withstand inclement conditions — only to tap into them and bottle them all for you to use.

Klorane Laboratoires, based in France, turned to the secret of the magnolia tree for its latest innovation: the Magnolia Range. This range is inspired by the creamy white and redolent Magnolia blossoms. Have you ever gazed at them only to be inspired by their poetry?

Historically, the magnolia blossom stems from the borders of Louisiana, way back in 1711. This blossom was then exported to France, where the fragrant “tulip laurel” was actually renamed in favor of Pierre Magnol, who was a French doctor and manager of the Montpellier botanical gardens.

All this history dovetails beautifully into Klorane’s latest creation. Inspired by its shiny protective wax coating on the plant’s leaves, Klorane formulated three hair care products that were designed to give your hair the shine most women crave. The patent-pending Magnolia wax in the hair care line also contains a shine-activated polymer, and the end result is a redolent, hydrating and shine imparting experience.

I was introduced to the line at one of the most fun events I’ve been to in a while: a flower-arrangement class in the Chelsea flower district, taught by Flower Design founder Michael Gaffney. We learned how to cut the flowers the right way (always at an angle), and how to make them last.

When I took the products home to try, I was pretty excited. I’m a fan of anything natural…it’s just my thing. The Magnolia Shampoo did not disappoint. Upon opening the bottle, I loved the faint fragrance, and its mother of pearl like texture. A good, thick sudsing component and my hair felt clean, but not detangled (the shampoo does leave your hair a bit detangly). But that’s okay, because the Magnolia Conditioner totally makes up for it. The moisturization is palpable, and your strands are totally knot-free. The Leave-In spray is a clear, handsome bottle that you put after your conditioning treatment for a shine boosting protection.

The bottom line? High-wattage shine. The line really and truly does what it promises, and then some. This line doesn’t retail until November 2011, but ladies, you need it in your lives. The shampoo retails for $13, conditioner for $14, and leave-in spray for $14. All at drugstore.com

I would also add that these bottles are ergonomically friendly (not TSA friendly, alas, so I’m hoping they come up with travel sizes), and beautifully packaged.

What adds shine in your hairstyle’s life? Gloss? Shampoo? Spill!

– Charu Suri

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