If Lady Gaga Had a Makeup Line, She Would Probably Pick Variations Of...

There’s nothing that Lady Gaga does that seems wrong. From her Bad Romance video sunglasses to her gazillion-inch stilettos to her bee-hive hairdo, there’s nothing that she does that can be wrong to her zillions of global fans.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance

But her adorable curly hair, her plump pale lips, her incrementally heavy jewelry all lead to iconic stature beyond belief. To the extend that we wonder, if Lady Gaga had her own makeup line, what would some of the items include? Probably variations of something outre and crazy, like ….

Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Gaga Loves Pale Plump Pink Lips so we were hunkering over this Dior Maximizer lipstick which is a hydrating lip plumper rich in collagen ($29.50 at Sephora):

Dior Maximizer Lip Gloss

Then how about the new Dior Dentelle Dior Lace Poudrier Dentelle Illuminating Lace-Effect Powder For Face ($55 at Sephora) for a flawless effect:

Dior Dentelle Lace Poudre Face Powder

From the video Love Game, we are inspired to test the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner eye liner from Maybelline that can give you such CAT EYE:

Lady Gaga Love Game

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Art Liner

And don’t forget those daring platinum Minx Nails that Gaga sports in this video, Love Game:

Lady Gaga Minx Nails