If Lady Gaga Had her Own Makeup Line with Nail Polishes...

Again on the same fantasy road trip on Lady Gaga’s own makeup line, we are a bit obsessed with her nails in Just Dance (yes those red nails with criss-cross gold lines):

Lady Gaga Just Dance Nails

We think she would create a variation of OPI Holiday Glow and drizzle gold mesh all over it:

OPI Holiday Glow

Lady Gaga Papparazzi Nail Polish

This still from her video Paparazzi intrigued me because of its silver and goth nails. We recommend a base coat of OPI’s Sapphire in the Snow, which is a dark, almost goth-like purple nail polish. Feel free to Swarovski a few of the nails to emulate Diva Gaga.

OPI Sapphire in the Snow