Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer

Jergens’ new Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer ($8.49 at drugstores) allows users to sidestep one of the most inconvenient aspects of self-tanning: that awkward wait after applying the product and before getting dressed.

This new formula dries in seconds, so no one has to worry about staining light clothing with lotion. The foaming moisturizer contains not only DHA, a common tanning component, but also erythrulose, which appears most often in pricier facial tanners. These ingredients combined make for a subtle build of color with gradual use.

You’ll get a believable wash of color (think “Baywatch” Babe)-nothing remotely orange or fake about it.

But truth be told, this is more a tanner than a moisturizer (your skin will thirst for hydration even after application). So you’ll do well to apply more moisture après foam. The good thing is that you can layer any other lotion over it without affecting the color development. The nozzle is a little problematic to work and yes, the moisturizer does smell a little like vodka or alcohol. If you’re into foaming moisturizers, go for it, but it’s tough to determine exactly how much product to apply and if the result is even or not (there is a lotion version of this moisturizer, just for those foam-averse souls).

There are two shades of the Natural Glow: one for fair and one for darker skin types (although if you have a natural caramel complexion, we figure a gradual tanning lotion is more of a superfluous accessory in your vanity).