Why Raw Minerals Active Mineral Foundation Rocks

What can be said about mineral makeup that hasn’t already been said?

We all know that mineral makeup gives us a nearly flawless face, but what makes Raw Minerals different from the rest? Raw Minerals is dedicated to environmentalism and fair trade. All of their ingredients are grown using ecologically sound practices which help support local farming communities, reforestation efforts and educational programs.

Their foundation made my skin look like I had my own special lighting crew following me around. It looked like I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all but that I just roll out of bed with amazing, flawless skin. The natural corn and soybean extracts help bring out your natural radiance while balancing skin tone and improving overall texture. For those looking to fight the signs of aging, the foundation uses ActivSilk and VitaFirm Complex which instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance the appearance of firmness and elasticity.

My one problem with Raw Minerals Foundation? No SPF. But in regards to environmental protective factor, Raw Minerals takes the cake supporting a holistic definition of beauty: “beauty in balance with the earth.” Now that is something we can all feel good about.