Joyful, Joyful: The Joy of Soap in Ginger Snap

We’re always pretty joyful while sudsing up in a hot shower. But now we have even more reason to be grinning from ear to ear: We’ve discovered The Joy of Soap, a handmade bar soap created from scratch that doesn’t make our sensitive skin break out in hives. Made from entirely sustainable components ranging from vegetables to oils and botanicals, The Joy of Soap combines aromatherapy with cleansers appropriate for the whole family.

The Joy of Soap

We sampled the 5 ounce bar of Ginger Snap!, a pungent combination of ginger, sweet orange, and ginger root powder. There is absolutely nothing subtle about the powerful scent of Ginger Snap!, so only truly devout fans of ginger should go for this option. However, The Joy of Soap offers a variety of scents ranging from “Lay Me Down Lavender” and “Peppermint Passion” to “Rose Cheeks Rosemary” and “Feeling Frisky,” a fun combination of grapefruit and orange. Best of all, The Joy of Soap is devoted to being cruelty free, which means the soaps contain no animal products. Now there’s something to be truly joyful about.

A 5 oz bar of The Joy of Soap retails for $7.50. For more information, visit