Justin Bieber Fever: “My World” Fragrance to Debut in November 2010 Review

The Bieber fever has hit a new level: fragrance. We’re not talking bottles or the kind you spray, but the slightly more hip and trendier version of scented dogtags and wristbands.

The scented goods should hit Wal-Mart stores just in time for Black Friday shopping this November at $ 10 each.

The scent will be unisex and called My World, after the name of his current tour. The fragranced items will hold their scent for at least a year, thanks to a special resin technology (according to WWD). There will be four designs in all: Icon, Energy, Tour and Web.

Bieber told WWD that he has sat down to smell different notes and didn’t like anything too fruity. He adds that one scent he really likes on girls is by Britney Spears.

Bieber also states plans for an acoustic album release in December, which means parents can do the music and fragrance as an all in one gift in time for holiday stockings.

Tell us, would you buy these for your friends and family? Or is “Eau de Justin” a bit too “eau”overkill?

– Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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