Today’s Guest Expert: Jennifer Walsh of “Behind the Brand” Answers your Questions LIVE

Today’s guest expert is none other than the “Queen of Beauty TV,” Ms. Jennifer Walsh of “Behind the Brand.” Having graced the TV screens for more than 15 years, and advised several businesses on strategy and customer education, Jennifer is here to answer YOUR questions — from 1:30-2:30pm EST TODAY on’s Facebook page.

We catch up with Jennifer in this warm up Q&A:

BeautyStat: You have been known as the “Queen of Beauty TV” for your several TV performances. What made you want to first jump into the beauty business?

Jennifer Walsh: I was called the “Queen of Beauty TV” by a fashion designer five years ago. He was the one that informed me that I have been on TV talking about skin care and cosmetics longer than anyone else in the industry. I wasn’t sure if I should be exicted for this information or shocked that I could be this old. I have been talking about the business of beauty since February 1998 and have only missed 2 months of not being on air since that date. That’s a lot of talk about beauty! Now not only do I do 10-12 national TV segments in beauty but now I also talk about business on most of the major networks showcasing small business in America and what its like to grow a small business into a big business. I am even in the process of finishing up my first book!

BeautyStat: Exciting! What are you most proud of?

JW: Each store that I opened was like giving birth to another child. So much went into it ~ from top to bottom. Creating a million dollar plus business that people enjoyed coming to and shopping in is probably what I am most proud of. I LOVED having my stores and educating customers on the brand stories and what made each product unique. I carried close to 5,000 different sku’s in each of my stores. I believed deeply in connecting with each customer and believed greatly in every brand that I chose to carry on my shelves. I worked very hard to get the first brands signed on to this new concept store ~ an actual high end beauty boutique. I was the only store in the south east that carried La Mer, Stila and others in a boutique setting. I felt honored to carry the brands that I did.

BeautyStat: Name three items in your handbag that you are carrying right now.

JW: I am in LOVE with Votre Vu’s Duette for lips and hands. It is an amazing 2 in 1 product!

Freeze 24/7 has a great product called Freeze and Go ~ it smoothes lines instantly and over make-up.

I also can’t leave home without Go Smile Ampoules in Fresh Mint ~ fresh breathe and takes coffee and wine stains off. White healthy teeth are a necessity!

BeautyStat: You are the founder and creator of a chain of beauty boutiques: how did this happen?

JW: I started as a celebrity make-up artist in the mid 1990’s and have worked with John Travolta, Selma Hayek, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, and many many others. This led to my TV segments in 1998 and the segments then led to the opening of my first store. Since that time I have opened five stores called The Beauty Bar. Back then, it was tough. Not many people bought skin care or beauty outside of the department store arena so I had to educate and teach others to come into a relaxed environment. Sephora had just launched in the US, the same time I was thinking about this “new” store idea. I had The Beauty Bar stores / concept for 10 years and have recently sold the business. My stores were featured in Vanity Fair, WWD and I even had to do a 30 day video diary for Entrepreneur Magazine. I am often asked if I would open another chain and my answer to that is… stay tuned!

BeautyStat: Are American beauty entrepreneurs facing an economic setback at this point in time, or do you think things are changing?

JW: Things are definitely looking up compared to 2009. I see a lot of growth and innovation within the beauty arena and I see across the country that people are once again spending in stores, spas and online for their beauty products. This year their has been growth and optimism and that’s what beauty innovators and store owners need to see.

BeautyStat: How do you take care of winter skin?

JW: The dreaded winter weather truly can take a toll on our skin if we do not properly care for it. We must change our routine up in the winter months. It truly is a time to see what your skin can handle in terms of hydration. I have noticed a sincere change in my skin in the past five years in lack of moisture and the need for more rich treatments and heavier creams in my daily routine. See what best suits your skin, but for me during the winter, I am a HUGE fan of The Diamond Collection from Natura Bisse. This line in the brand literally “wakes dormant cells” to make sure your skin continuously looks its best!

BeautyStat: What is your next TV segment and where are you rushing off to?

JW: I have a TV segment that I am filming in Florida at the end of this week for NBC and then I will fly back home to NYC to film my next segment for Better TV where I am their National Beauty Expert. Better TV is seen in 85+ markets and I love going to the markets to meet all of the viewers, its a great way for me to connect with the viewers and see what they are looking for and in need of and then I report this back to all fo the brands I work for. It’s a lot of grass roots work and helps the clients in the end, get just what they are looking for from there favorite brands. People know that I will bring concerns, questions, etc directly back to the brands that I work hand in hand with.

We are so thrilled we could catch up with you for a few minutes before you are running out the door to your next show. Thanks so much for contributing to!

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– Charu Suri

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