La Mer Introduces the Regenerating Serum

Anti-aging has consistently circled around the premise of reducing wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. The promise of erasing such fissures has led to such a surfeit of creams, serums, potions and pills on the counters that every woman (and man) feels overwhelmed at the choices.

Creme de La Mer Regenerating Serum

But current studies have shown that lines and wrinkles are actually “micro scars” to the skin’s underlying support network. While not as palpable as black eyes, bruises or lacerations, these scars leave imprints far deeper than watermarks.

La Mer’s original cream — now legendary and consistently plucked and used by celebrities and their friends alike – was originally developed as a treatment for scars. Aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber originally created the cream to help his scars heal from the burns he had in a lab accident. And now, a new Regenerating Serum from La Mer will hit the counters on March 1st for $250.

This new anti-aging serum is a variation from the original theme, which is the highly potent Miracle Broth harnessing the properties of sea kelp and the physical energies of light and sound.

Marine Engineering

To create this regenerating serum, the R&D team harvested the stem cells of the marine plant Eryngium Maritimum. The cells were grown through a sustainable process and the cultivated cells are fermented (this enhances the quality of the ingredients).

The result is a serum that promises to plump up the skin with collagen, elastin and other “youth proteins.” In this aspect, it’s no different from any other anti-aging serum out there.

Is It Really All That?

Since there are so many anti-aging weapons out in the marketplace, we asked an expert if this Regenerating Serum has any legs to stand on. Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of, says: “Compared to the aggressive claims that other anti-aging products make, this La Mer serum seems quite conservative (they make NO claims to reduce wrinkles by a ceterain percentage NOR do they claim to reduce wrinkles in X minutes, days or weeks). Based on the claims that La Mer is making, they have incorporated ingredients that should perform quite well.

Between the broth, regenerating ferment, peptide ferment, gold and lime tea, the product should be able to help firm the skin as well as reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.