Purple Lab Live on HSN Today!!!

Everyone in the world knows how much I heart Karen Robinovitz from Purple Lab and her new products go live on HSN today!

Get the latest and amazing deals on products from Cheek Implants, Luvah, Luxury Squared, Silk Sheets, and Lashionista Modelista!

Purple Lab

GET FABULOUS INTRODUCTORY PRICES on all these incredible products. Tune in and be too cool for school sporting these products.


Get 2 Huge Lips Skinny Hips for only $29.50, or just 1 for only just $22!

Here is the rundown schedule skinny:

Tune in to see it on air, LIVE:
February 18th at 9a.m.-10a.m. and 8p.m.-9p.m. ET

If you miss it, you can catch us again:
February 19th at 12p.m. ET, 7p.m. ET, and 11p.m PST.

It will also streamed live on HSN.com, so if you don’t have a TV you can still catch it.

At 8:00pm, Karen will be Skyping in to a NYC screening party hosted by Sharon, Purple Labs Communications Queen!