Lancome Launches Genifique Eye Cream

We’ve had a special place in our hearts for Lancome’s Genifique (I call it Genius-fique). Since youth is in our genes, the creative R&D team has found a topical, liquid way to reactive it.

Lancome Genifique and Genifique Eye

Genifique boosts the activity of your genes by producing specific proteins that diminish with age. The first Youth Activator concentrate is something I use each night to get rid of my pesky forehead wrinkles (now people say I have none. HA!).

Now the Lancome geniuses have launched the Genifique Eye Cream, also made with (you guessed it) youth activating concentrate. The lovely and light gel-cream texture leaves the eye area very velvety and smooth, and dark circles diminish with this formula.

We have not tested this product yet, so stay tuned for our feedback.

Lancome Genifique: $78

Genifique Eye: $59