Latest Spring/Summer 2011 Hairstyle How To and Trend: Feathering Extensions

New Trend Update: Eyelash feather extensions are also in vogue. See pics HERE.

Hairstyles are always in flux, aren’t they? Braids one day, bedhead hair the next, and feathering is the latest. What’s that, you ask? Why, feathering extensions, of course.

Feathering is really a technique that features hair extensions, and Hair Flairs is a great site that shows you how to do this technique at home (and you can obviously purchase them there).

Step By Step Instructions on How to Feather your Hair

All you need a micro-link and a threading needle –and love, of course. The best way to get impeccable feather extensions is to ask a professional stylist to do it, and this step is highly recommended:

Hair Flair Feathering Steps

1. Section the hair, and take 1/8th of an inch from beneath the hair’s natural parting and insert this strand through the threading needle.

2. Transfer the micro-link off the threading needle directly onto the hair, as you see in the picture.

Hair Flair Feathering Technique 2

3. Now hold the micro-link close to the scalp and insert the feathering extension into the micro-link. To make sure you’ve inserted the feathering extension correctly, you need to make sure the top side of the feature is slightly darker in color than the underside, and you can insert multiple feathers into your hair at a time for a more dramatic effect.

4. Position the hair and micro-link so it flows in the direction of the hair, and crimp the micro link flat. To remove the feathering, insert the micro link into the crimper and crimp in the opposite direction to open it.

The end result, if you can be patient enough for the entire process, is pure eye candy. How can you resist THIS?

Feathering Trend Spring Summer 2011

In the above photo, the model is sporting the peacock stripe hair feathering extensions, and you can snag 8 of them for $22. This is not a bad deal when you consider the cool factor — you get to look some gorgeous bird with outstanding plumage for hair. How could you pass this up?

If you’re an adventurous type of gal, spring for the Ombre or Crimped look with the hair feather extensions (we don’t advise this look on a job interview, however).

Based on the pictures above, are you sold on the feathering extension trend or do you think it’s a short-term fad? In either case, discuss in the comments below.

– Charu Suri

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