Lingerie Label Natori's First Fragrance, and a Scented Candle!

The lingerie label Natori ($80 for 1.7 ml at has released its first fragrance this year, and it’s just what you might expect: classy and mysterious. The top notes of rose petals and plum lead into the middle of ylang-ylang, purple peony, and night blooming jasmine. As if that isn’t dark and enigmatic enough, the blend finishes off with black patchouli, amber, and satin musk.

Natori Perfume

This spicy combination reminds me of an exotic silk dress, and it delivers the same shot of confidence a daring garment would. Spray on liberally, and enjoy your night. The fragrance retails for $110. The line also has a silk shower body creme ($75), Silk Shower Creme ($50) and a brand new addition to the family – the Perfumed Candle ($75) which is ornamented with a river stone.

Natori Scented Candle