MAC Riveting Nail Lacquer Swatches: Black Enough?; Wham Bam Glam; Studded

MAC Cosmetics’ Riveting Collection ($12 each) had me from “Hello” because of its serious metallic components. But most of all, I love the three nail lacquers from the collection, which are matte in finish.

I simply love matte – I would say I love matte more than a shiny finish, and these shades are wearable with almost any outfit. The only caveat? Be careful how you apply them. These are some seriously thick polishes and a few coats will do the trick, but the way you apply them will really show (not so much for the Studded shade below, but for the other two, the way you apply the polish and the direction of your strokes will be palpable).

This shade, Black Enough? is a rich black that is best left applied by a pro. This is a decent swatch but it took me quite a while to get it nice and even. If you want a richer, deep sooty black, then apply three coats.

MAC Riveting Nail Lacquer Swatches

This is my favorite of the three Riveting Nail Lacquer swatches: Wham, Bam Glam. It’s a beigey-taupe with a nice matte finish.

MAC Riveting Wham Bam Glam

If you’re seriously in the glinty mood, try Studded. This is the easiest to apply of the three because the nail imperfections don’t show as much.

MAC Riveting Collection Studded Nail Lacquer

Charu Suri