Votre Vu Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk and Moisturizer Review

This winter has been the worst on record for my face. 14-20 inches of snow mixed with gusting winds that feel like they have some 200 horsepower is not something you want to subject your birthday suit to — as a result, I suspect that I may have ended up with windburn, which is a serious bitch (thanks, Mother Nature).

Therefore, I’ve had to resort to sensitive skin treatments, and one of the crown jewels during my search was the Sensitive Skin Line from Votre Vu Skincare.

Votre Vu Lait Skincare Sensitive Skin

The Attentive Facial Cleansing Milk ($29) is one of the most gentle, almost baby safe creamy cleansing milks I’ve tried. It contains safflower, sunflower seed oil and Roman Chamomile extract to remove any impurities without chaffing or reddening your skin with the abrasion of Brillo Pad, so you can rest easy.

Votre Vu Sensitive Skin Night Cream

I’m also crazy about the rich, creamy and organic Attentive Night Cream for Sensitive Skin ($54). It is creamier than whipped cream, and includes borage and tamanu oil in addition to shea butters blended with milk proteins and algae extracts. It is more soothing than a cup of peppermint tea with honey (although if you have a cuppa after your moisturizing routine, you’re surely bound for some soothing z’s).

Charu Suri