MAC Warm & Cozy Care Blends Essential Oils

Essential oils are precisely termed. They’re essential because they are filled with key plant ingredients and are extracted by distillation. These essential oils can be used alone, under makeup or mixed into makeup so the powders are more emollient.

MAC Essential Oils Warm & Cozy

MAC’s Warm & Cozy collection has two types of essential oils:

Sweet Orange & Lavender

Grapefruit & Chamomile

I love the faint hint of fragrance, not overpowering like a Hummer on the road, but like a mysterious veil that gives you just a tad and not too much. I played with the essential oils on my face and on my lips and my windburned face felt so comforted after a particularly deep-freeze kind of day.

When I wore these oils my golden retriever started licking my face so uncontrollably that I swore she ingested a substantial vial of this stuff. Note to those with pets…

These oils are $19.50 each at MAC online and in stores.