MAC Warm & Cozy Mineralize All-Over Lotion

We broke the news about the winter warming MAC Warm & Cozy collection a few weeks ago, which is filled with treasures designed to eke out the glow and warmth in you.

MAC Warm & Cozy Mineralize Lotion

One of my favorite products in this collection is the Mineralize all-over lotion that is as rich as a pot of hot chocolate. It’s also fragrance free, and full of MAC charged water to boost the delivery of moisturizing ingredients using the vibration of the diamond.

It’s $28.50, and completely worth the price for this lighter-than-skim-milk-foam moisturizer (which can also be used for the face, incidentally). I have visions of bathing in it, like the Annie Leibovitz-style photo of Whoopi Goldberg, and turning it into a frothy milky drink with diamond dust on top that I can secretly sip when it gets to the sub zero temperatures (incidentally, which is like today).