GIVEAWAY, Makeup Review, Photos, Swatches: Glam Cosmetics Lipgloss With LED Light Up Applicator

Makeup Review, Photos, Swatches: Glam Cosmetics Lipgloss With LED Light Up Applicator

Many of us have caught a glimpse of the new trend with lipgloss. You know, the innovative glosses for girls on-the-go, which come with a light and mirror? Today, I’m sharing some glosses with you from Glam Cosmetics called the Glam Lip Gloss ($15.00). The website states that these glosses include a light up/LED applicator, an on/off button, a chic side mirror and, best of all for most of us, a non-sticky formula. After browsing the website, I noticed that these glosses come in four shades: Candid Coral, Premiere Pink, Pink Diamonds and Champagne Toast; I had the pleasure of trying all four of these lovely glosses.

My first initial thought about these glosses when they first arrived was, “Wow! The packaging is so cute!” Each shade has a different design on the lid. There is a small black button on the top which when pressed turns on the LED light. There is a cute logo for Glam Cosmetics as well as a mirror on one side of the square-shaped gloss container. I fell in love with the glosses because of the packaging, and I think that most of you will, too! The formulation lives up to its claim. I find that this is one of the smoothest lipglosses I have ever used! Not to mention the fact that all of these have glitter in them, and none of these glosses are in the least bit gritty on your lips whatsoever.

Makeup Review, Photos, Swatches: Glam Cosmetics Lipgloss With LED Light Up Applicator

In the swatch, from left to right: Pink Diamonds, Champagne Toast, Candid Coral and Premiere Pink.

Pink Diamonds appears to be a very baby doll-like pink in the tube, however, when applied, the gloss itself is very sheer. The gloss has baby pink sparkles in it and what looks to be a little bit of gold sparkles in there as well. This gloss also has a cotton candy scent. I don’t necessarily think this smells like cotton candy, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like to me. Regardless, it’s not a bad scent — I actually enjoy it. This particular gloss has the zebra print on top.

Champagne Toast appears very much like a brownish-nude. It did not apply quite as dark as it looks though. There are gold sparkles in this shade, as well as what appears to be some mauve sparkles. The scent to Champagne Toast is, of course, champagne scented (according to the website), however, I feel like this has more of a chocolate scent to it. This gloss also has a leopard print design; this shade being the second most pigmented.

Candid Coral was probably the most pigmented out of the bunch. It’s a lovely orange shade (but does not apply quite so neon). It probably also has the most amount of glitter in it, which are yellow and orange. The scent for this shade is tangerine with a peacock design on the lid.

Makeup Review, Photos, Swatches: Glam Cosmetics Lipgloss With LED Light Up Applicator

Makeup Review, Photos, Swatches: Glam Cosmetics Lipgloss With LED Light Up Applicator

Premiere Pink is a great mid-tone pink gloss with lots of pink shimmer in various shades. This is not super-pigmented, but does give a nice pink pout to the lips. The scent for this lip gloss is berry, while the packaging has a damask print design. All of these glosses have a formulation which includes natural oils like vitamin E, jojoba and lanolin to condition the lips and also contribute to a brilliant, shiny finish. Your lips truly do sparkle and illuminate when wearing these glosses.

The length of wear-time for these glosses are not very long, maybe the longest being four hours simply because they are not sticky — they tend to wear off a little bit faster than sticky glosses. I personally don’t mind to reapply every couple of hours, as opposed to wearing a very sticky and thick gloss. Unfortunately, because of the high amount of glitter in these glosses, if you do not reapply them, you will have residual glitter left over on your lips after the gloss has disappeared. This is, again, not a big deal to me because I will reapply.

Another thing to mention is that these all have the classic doe foot applicator. The glosses are actually nicely sized because they are easy to bring with you in your purse, makeup bag, or even your pocket. I would recommend these glosses to anyone who enjoys a nice, shiny, glittery finish, as well as to anyone who does not like sticky lip gloss.

One last thing that I want to note: I do think the “light up LED gloss” idea is very cute and a great novelty, especially with the attached mirror to the gloss, but, I don’t particularly apply lipgloss at night, or in dimly lit places, so this isn’t a feature that I definitely need in a gloss. However, if you are at a bonfire, or like to hit the club scene, this may be something that you would enjoy. I do think it is a cute idea and definitely something different. The designs to the glosses are also quite amazing. Please check out the Glam Cosmetics website at to see more about these lip glosses and to order. The website offers free shipping on all orders over $25.00!

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