Makeup Review, Swatches: Arbonne Comet Cosmetics Collection, Planetary Pout Lip Polish Gloss Trio

Makeup Review, Swatches: Arbonne Comet Cosmetics Collection And Planetary Pout Lip Polish Trio

There’s nothing like purchasing a new lipgloss or collection to perk up your spirits. Arbonne has two new collections inspired by outer space. The first is the Comet Cosmetics Collection ($98.00), which includes a Cosmetic Clutch, Lipstick in Cosmic Kiss and Starry Night Eye Shadow Palette.

The Comet Cosmetic Clutch is absolutely gorgeous! As you can see, it is black with plenty of glitter and has a handle that resembles brass knuckles. There is a silver chainlink strap that can also be tucked inside the clutch to conceal it. It’s very sturdy (rather small), but perfect for a night out if you’re only looking to fit your phone, keys, cash and driver’s license — and of course maybe a lipstick!

Makeup Review, Swatches: Arbonne Comet Cosmetics Collection And Planetary Pout Lip Polish Trio

The Lipstick in Cosmic Kiss is a beautiful berry-red with an amazing satin finish. It’s not quite matte but does not have any real shimmer in it, but almost gives a metallic finish to the lips. It’s a little bit deeper than a candy apple shade though. (See swatch: first row, first swatch) The longevity of the wear of this lipstick is relatively good, around four to six hours, depending on whether or not you’re drinking and eating. Whether or not you use a lip liner underneath, and if you apply the lipstick, blot and reapply. You will notice that the staying power is actually really good. The key ingredients in this lipstick are: wild mango butter, alpine skullcap, lauryl PCA, pomegranate extract and vitamins A, C and E. There really is no scent and the pigmentation is also very wonderful.

Finally, the Starry Night Eye Shadow Palette contains four shades. The four shades are: Nightscape, Solar, Stardust and Meteorite. The white shade is not as pigmented as I would like, and appears on the skin as more of a glitter with a very lightly pigmented base, as you can see in the swatch. The white does not show up too well. However, it would be perfect as a highlight color for a night out. The lightest blue is very pigmented, as is the gold, which both have a more metallic pigmentation to them. The darkest blue swatches a little splotchy, but applies beautifully to the eyelid with a brush. I think the star shadow in the palette is the gold without a doubt. The worst shade (with regard to pigmentation) would be the white. These eyeshadows wear easily for a 12 hour day, with a primer underneath. I noticed no fading and no creasing while testing out these shadows.

Makeup Review, Swatches: Arbonne Comet Cosmetics Collection And Planetary Pout Lip Polish Trio

Secondly, the Planetary Pout Lip Polish Trio ($78.00), which comes in this cute little drawstring velvety plush pouch! The shades are Venus, Mars and Saturn. Venus is a mid-toned mauve shade; Saturn is a nude mid-toned brown and Mars is a bold red with a much more pinkish undertone to it. The pigmentation of these are great, my only qualm here is that Venus and Saturn do not show up that great on the lips (maybe my own lips are a bit too pigmented), so I would recommend pairing these with a lipstick that is similar in shade or a nude. Alternatively, you can choose to use a concealer first on your lips and then the gloss, which might make the gloss stand out more. Mars has amazing pigmentation and shows up on the lips quite amazingly, without the need for a base at all.

The only thing I have always disliked about the Arbonne Lip Polishes is the smell. It smells sort of plastic-y to me — I can’t quite put my finger on it. But, the smell kind of carries over into one of those things that you can smell/taste at the same time, if that makes sense! I love everything else about them, but the smell. They are quite smooth, and the little particles of shimmer are not as prevalent on the lips as they are in the tube. I would say these are tacky, but not quite sticky. I think it just aids them in lasting a bit longer on the lips if the gloss is a little bit tacky.

Overall, I was pleased with the products I reviewed from Arbonne (exactly as I was the last time I did an Arbonne review)! I would recommend the Comet Cosmetics Collection 100% because I simply adore the clutch — and I think that the Cosmic Kiss Lipstick is absolutely amazing and such a classy shade of red. If you have brown eyes, I think the colors in the Starry Night Eye Shadow Palette will suit you well. I have hazel eyes, and sometimes I find that wearing blue eyeshadows clash a bit with my eye color. You can find a full list of ingredients and other relevant information at the Arbonne website at

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– Dawn Santamarina, check out Dawn’s YouTube beauty channel here!

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