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Makeup Trends 2014, 2015: Are You Into The Bleached, No-Brow Look? How To Properly Tint Your Brows

Makeup Trends 2014, 2015: Are You Into The Bleached, No-Brow Look? How To Properly Tint Your BrowsPhoto Courtesy of New York Times/Photograph by Julia Noni

If you’ve been flipping through fashion magazines while on the beach, then you may realize a certain brow trend… or rather, no brows at all on many of the models!

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It seems that bleached brows are ultimately a “thing”, the trend being brought to fruition in a recent June article in the New York Times, taking you through an aesthetically questionable journey of the androgynous bleached/shaved brow in history (think Queen Elizabeth and Mona Lisa), music (à la David Bowie) and as seen on today’s models (at Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs shows). We’ve even seen brows dyed like Easter eggs in gold lame and blue, but, would you go to these lengths with your brows?

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We asked Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brow Expert Ramy Gafni what he thought of the no-brow look. “Our eyebrows frame our eyes and face and give us expression, and when bleached to a flesh tone lightness you lose all expressiveness in your face,” says Ramy. “Slightly lightening a brow, like someone with black hair going blonde, is fine. But the bleached brow is fashion, it’s not beauty.”

But if you’re like Lady Gaga and need to try this trend for yourself even for just a second, look to the power of makeup for an easy fix: “Fill your brows with your concealer to create the look,” says Ramy. And if you like it, rock it! If not, then maybe a tint is all you need.

Makeup Trends 2014, 2015: Are You Into The Bleached, No-Brow Look? How To Properly Tint Your Brows

If your brows are turning into a disappearing act, then a tint will give you full, bushy brows in no time.“Tinting is the easiest way to make your brows look thicker and longer, because it adds richness, tone and depth to brow hairs, as well as slightly tints the skin underneath, magically filling in sparse areas,” explains Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom), Owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar.

“And, those teeny-weeny little baby hairs that go unnoticed all of a sudden ban together and look bold.” The best way to keep your brows looking defined and natural-looking is with Brow Boostiers Brow Powders.

WATCH How Boom Boom Tints And Defines Her Clients’ Brows:

Just make sure to get the right color. If hair and skin has natural warm tones, stick with a warm tone, same for cool. And don’t go too dark, unless going for the drama, it can look a little harsh and (gasp) make people look a little older.

• Always use a vegetable based dye around the eye area.

• Never lift brow color, use deposit-only color.

• Go a little bolder to define brows and match the color to skin and hair undertones.

• Always use SPF on brows for protection.

• Use a brow powder on a daily basis for added definition and boldness.

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Are you beauties ready to give your brows a makeover? Or will you be checking out brow tinting?

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