Our Evening with Cindy Crawford and Meaningful Beauty Review & Giveaway

We are all fascinated with agelessness, in a way. We live in a world where the promise of youth is so flush and rampant, it’s almost expected; in the same vein that wealth, virtual fame and love are.

We never entered any Faustian bargain (otherwise, we would have have ended up with flawless skin, but with one heck of a conscience), but we think that supermodel Cindy Crawford must have some tryst with the flawless skin fairy godmother. When I met her last week, my jaw almost hit the floor: here is a model who’s in her mid forties and a mother of two with skin that would make a baby go, aw well gee shucks!

My Evening with Cindy Crawford and Meaningful Beauty

During the lovely and fortunate time a few blogger buddies and I got to spend with Cindy, she talked about new line, Meaningful Beauty, which will hit select Sephora and JC Penney stores in October 2010. After listening to her skincare routine, it was evident at how vigilant she is about her skincare, exercise and nutrition routine: she is fanatical about hydration, and gets facials every 4-5 weeks (pore perfectionists, take note). She does do microdermabrasion, although she’s careful to say that not “all microdermabration specialists are created equal,” so be careful to whom you entrust your pretty face.

She’s also not a smoker, and she does admit that she has had Botox (in this day and age, who hasn’t?).

My Evening with Cindy Crawford and Meaningful Beauty

Cindy and I (doesn’t she look FABULOUS?!)

From the Meaningful Beauty line, she loves the Protect Antioxidant Day Cream, which is a micro-emulsion moisturizer that protects against UVA and UVB rays, as well as the “instant pick-me-up” Glowing Serum. The complete line includes:

Skin Softening Cleanser ($37), that’s creamy, non-foaming and perfect to swipe off impurities;

Antioxidant Day Cream ($47) that protects the face from the effects of UVA and UVB rays;

Anti-Aging Night Cream ($60) that has powerful antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A, collagen boosters and peptides to improve complexion overnight;

Lifting Eye Creme ($56) that helps smoothes fine lines and diminish dark circles using soothing botanicals;

Firming Chest and Neck Creme ($57) that is designed to specifcally address, firm and moisturize the neck and chest area.

The other goodies in the kitty include a Deep Cleansing Masque ($43, also called “a facial in a bottle”), Glowing Serum ($52), Line Diffuser Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules ($52), Extreme Moisture Masque ($52) and Scrub exfoliant ($31.95).

To purchase, visit MeaningfulBeauty.com or call 800-927-0047. Select products will hit the Sephora Inside JC Penney stores on October 4th.

We are giving away a complete set of these products to THREE lucky winners. Enter a comment below telling us what your biggest battle with aging is to be considered.

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– Charu Suri