Perfume Review: miss Pucci-- a musky adventure

miss Pucci is a beautiful woman on a yacht in Monaco, wearing a Pucci dress. This is according to Pucci themselves. It certainly paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it? (And the lower case m is the brand’s spelling).

miss Pucci , the fragrance, is a musky floral, and it’s very sparkling in it’s opening with fresh citrus notes of lemon. The musk is also there early on mixing with a touch of white floral (the magnolia note) and ylang ylang with a hint of orange blossom.

Perfume Review: miss Pucci-- a musky adventure

Into the drydown there is some of the cedar that’s listed as one of the notes and a bit of lemon citrus remaining but the musk mainly prevails and overpowers the whole fragrance. The scent is pretty in it’s way but far too musky for my tastes. If you love musk, then you may have a different take on it.

Other notes listed are Iris, which I don’t get at all, and jasmine. The bottle here is the winner, a pretty design by Ora Ito based on a recurring motif in many Pucci patterns.

miss Pucci is currently available exclusively at Sephora and Pucci boutiques at $ 74.00 for 50 ml and $ 53.00 for 30ml.

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Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist