Neon Nails by KISS for Summer 2009

The new neon pink nails for the summer by Kiss are lovely and easy as a breeze to apply.

Kiss Nails Neon for summer 2009

They come in a pack with so many shapes and sizes for all different nail widths. Even though I applied the above in literally two minutes flat, I was pleased at how they turned out.

The kit comes with several nails (some colored, some plain…I personally love to alternate the plain with the colored ones for an interesting an unusual set up), a nail file, and nail glue. You have to apply the glue on your nail as well as to the back of the acrylic, and then it goes on like a snap.

The only parts that irked me about these nails is that they were far too long to be practical — I would have preferred a slightly shorter version; and that the kit doesn’t come with acetone (you have to purchase this separately…you soak your hands in acetone-filled remover and they dissolve off).

I am eagerly waiting for Kiss to make this neon nail in a slightly shorter version and one that doesn’t need acetone for removal. The quality of the nails are simply excellent! This kit retails at