New Online Beauty Destination for Sales: Market for Drama

If you’re an avid shopper of sites like, GILT Group and the, then you are going to fall for Market for Drama, a beautifully curated site that houses hard to find names and esoteric brands like YesforLov (that offers cheekily name items like “Titillating Sheet Fragrance” and “Delicious Pearly Powder”) and Uslu Airlines Lip Gloss.

Delicious Pearly Powder

Uslu Airlines Lip Gloss

Yes, we did a double take on that brand too. What indeed is Uslu Airlines? This is an innovative makeup artist line that is known for catapulting airbrush makeup into the hands of everyday consumers. This line houses both lip gloss and mascara.

Other brands on sale include Sevin Nyne and Task Essential for Him.

The Valentine’s Day SALE that they are having now expires on January 29th, and some of these hard to find brands are having prices that are simply unbelievable (50% off or some such!).

Hurry, hurry!