Nicole Miller's Voodoo Eye: Spring 2009

Nicole Miller Backstage used makeup by MAC with emphasis on slate colored eyes and a nude look. Artist James Kaliardos says, “The collection was inspired by the Voodoo eye, which is Nicole Miller’s inspiration. The eyes are key and so are the lips.”

He used a smoky plum eyeshadow on both the upper and lower eyelids, and a bright blue color on the inner eye rim. A healthy orange blush dusted both cheeks and the models glowed with a healthy look of St. Tropez.

The clothes were inspired by spirited style, pleasures and exotic indulgences, according to the program. There were several good luck symbols from Voodoo flags woven into the breezy, colorful dresses. Trust Nicole Miller to infuse modern charm with some unknown cult motifs. “Wrap and slouch,” “soft silhouettes,” “sportswear inspired,” said the program notes, and the collection delivered all of the above.

The colors dazzled the runway. From pomegranate, mango, pineapple, papaya, avocado, to darker notes of coffee and tamarind, there was nary a combination that failed to elicit some sort of emotional and artistic response.

This is Siberian Supermodel Irina Pantaeva, who loves Nicole’s work. “The thing that is great about Nicole Miller is that she takes the time to explain to all her models about her inspiration and design influences,” she says. “She also was one of the first designers to hire me.”