Lorick New York Dazzles at Fashion Week

I admit it’s inexcusable to flee for a vacation during Fashion Week. INEXCUSABLE .

But I needed it, dear readers.

The weight of constant grind was taking its toll on me and I felt as though a Sumo Wrestler was squeezing the air out of my pipes.

OK, enough self pity, but I’m back, and ready to recap some of the great Fashion Week shows, and more.

Lorick: what more can I say? She rocked the 1950s retro look at her star studded tableau during Fashion Week and it was the best party and presentation.

With skinny models placed strategically in front of enormous wedding cakes, the tableaux were ironic, but the clothes and setting were Great Gatsby mixed with Pleasantville.

Lorick earns so much acclaim from “Gossip Girl” as the celebrated, fictional Eleanor Waldorf (who’s really Abigail Lorick).

The pictures speak a thousand words. I don’t want to waste more ink.