OPI Shrek Forever Nail Lacquer Collection: From Broadway to Bottle

Well, Shrek’s seen a long journey folks. From Shrek (which I loved) to Shrek 2 and beyond, it was just the typical franchise minting money situ, you know. And now OPI, which recently is flying with silver wings (or Tim Burton wings) with its wildly successful Alice in Wonderland collection is launching Shrek Forever, a collection of six nail lacquers whose tones range from a dark, deep lavender to a pale yellow called Fiercely Fiona.

Take a look at the colors and let us know if you’re loving them:

Who the Shrek Are You: a truly Shrek green that I can only truly see in the summertime.

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Who the Shrek Are You

Funky Donkey: A dark purple that’s positively psychedelic and my kind of shade.

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Funky Donkey

OPI Ogre The Top: Seriously not sure if this is more Ogre or seaside, but it’s a cobalt blue.

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Ogre The Top

What’s with the Cattitude? Is a lovely pale blue – the color of a soft summer’s sky. Not sure what it has to do with Shrek or the cat (Banderas).

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Whats with the Cattitude

Rumples Wiggin: This beautiful pastel lavender is something I have my eyes on.

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Rumple Wiggins

Fiercely Fiona: a pale yellow that seems light and frothy but deliciously haunting.

OPI Shrek Forever Collection Fiercely Fiona

These shades will launch before the new Shrek Movie hits the U.S. theatres in May, so stay tuned for actual swatches. The OPI Shrek Forever Collection will be available online and on Amazon.com.

Charu Suri

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