Weird But Effective Beauty Treatments and Tips

We’ve heard of really bizarre things in the beauty world. Remember that fish pedi? Or that bird poop facial? Here are some of the odd (but potent) beauty fixes we’ve seen, observed and are on the fence about:

Forget the Head & Shoulders, try Snake Oil Shampoo from LUSH

If you want squeaky-clean hair, consider a scalp massage using solid snake oil from LUSH USA.

Snake Oil Shampoo Bar from LUSH

This is good for straight and wavy hair, and retails for $7.95.

SPF Your Face and Hair with Panorama Window Film

Panorama Window Film

This is an easy way to sun protect your environment without the need for applying SPF. The Panorama Window Film is Skin Cancer Society approved is greaseless and non tacky. It’s a simple film you put over your windows (you have to locate a dealer though). The film claims to protect you 99% from damaging sun rays.

Pepto Bismol as a Face Mask?

Pepto Bismol

I’ve heard about this technique through the grapevine, but I’m not brave enough to try it. First, that pink color scares the heck out of me, and second, why would I use this as a face mask when I absolutely adore NARS’ Mud Mask? But if you’ve tried it and it works, let us know! It’s also supposed to help cold sores heal faster.

The Old Staple: the Aspirin Face Mask

Aspirin Mask

Aspirin has been used for years to prevent heart attacks but it may also prevent zit attacks. If you dissolve aspirin in water, then wait until the solid tablets become squishy as jelly and pour the water out, you can smash the aspirin into a nice paste and apply it all over your face. I’ve tried it and my zits have dried as nicely as they do when I use Mario Badescu drying lotion. Just leave the paste on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Charu Suri