Oprah Winfrey's Stylist Launches "The Andre Walker" Hairstyle Collection- Review

Andre Walker has been Oprah Winfrey’s stylist for 25 years and has recently launched a collection of hair products for women of all ethnicities. His line was made to cross over and serve all types of hair. Mr. Walker believes that all hair is basically the same and the products that you use in your hair is what makes the difference. His overall tagline is “Make Peace With Your Hair.”

While we don’t really believe that “all hair” is basically the same –the claim seems outrageous and sounds more like a souped up marketing campaign –we’re not far from impressed with the new line.

Oprah Winfrey Andre Walker Haircare Line

The three products I reviewed from the line include the “Q” Oil: Quench Essential Oil, the brand new “Phytocelltec TM Botanical Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner” and the “TKO”: Total Keratin Obsession Conditioning Pak. All products arrived in a sealed box that had orange crinkle cut paper filler when opened.

The Phytocelltec Botanical Stem Cellproducts had me intrigued by their name alone that they were the first two products I chose to use. The product claims: “our researchers and product specialists have found a potential fountain of youth….resulting in hair that looks and feels young again.” A Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair seems just about the right timing, to us.

The shampoo and conditioner have the anti-aging ingredient, the apple stem cell, and it makes for a nice lightweight scent when applied. The smell of apples was delightful. After using the shampoo and conditioner, I pumped the “Q” oil onto my hair and noticed I would be better off applying it if it first went into my hands as it dripped the oil onto my hair. Once I spread it evenly throughout my hair I did notice it seemed to seal in the curls and had a nice shine to it. The apple scent was gone and now a softer, powder like scent was present. The overall appearance of my hair was smooth looking and there were no frizzy fly aways and I assume that’s because of the oil. It did “Manage. Smooth. Nourish. Shine” like the products own label read.

The “TKO” Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Pak has a creamy texture that reminded me of a hair mask and the weight of it was reminiscent of the conditioner. I opted to leave it on for ten minutes and when rinsed out it left my hair feeling soft and smooth to the touch. No tangles and it too had a pleasant, light scent to it. I then used the “Q” oil again and let my hair dry naturally. The TKO is designed to be used weekly and I will continue using all of these products as I like the scents, texture and the way my hair felt after usage.

So, despite the outrageous claims, we are not so far from impressed with Andre Walker’s new line. His products retail online at highly reasonable prices. Check them out here!

Nicole Gordon Levine

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