The Beauty Graveyard: Products We Wish Weren't Discontinued

Has it ever happened to you that you get glued to a product and you absolutely love it and then one fine day, you are looking for it in the stores and you never find it? That is so disappointing when your favorite product gets discontinued?
Lancome is about to discontinue Clarifiance Oil Free Gel Cleanser. I’m so gonna miss it as it is a multi-active cleanser that balances my oily T-zone with no irritation and removes even waterproof mascara. I’m also a big fan of Prescriptives Acne Defense Serum. The best part is it treats and prevents zits without over drying, so my skin looks so healthy. Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge Visibly Smoothing and Renewing Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 is a great product for all skin types which is going out of shelves.
With a refreshing fragrance, it leaves your skin so soft and smooth with a healthy radiance. Avon Anew Ultimate Transforming Eye Cream is one of such products that give miracle results without being heavy on pockets. It almost instantly fades away the dark circles and simultaneously reduces fine lines under the eyes.
Avon Anew Ultimate Transforming Hand and Nail Cream used to be a great carry on product. It never left my hands greasy, lasted even after washing and always made them look soft and young. There has been a plethora of colored makeup which I adore has been stopped manufacturing. Did anyone ever use Shiseido Optimal Cover Concealer? Isn’t it great how it covers all freckles, dark circles, even the huge acne scars? No wonder it was a heavy duty concealer.
Even Lancome’s Photogenic Skin Illuminating Concealer and Absolue Radiant Smoothing Concealer are light weight with perfect coverage. I’m sure many of you must be missing Prescriptives Custom Blend. It is so amazing when the stylist makes it for you to match you perfect. Some of the amazing eye shadows are going to be discontinued like Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow in Soft Shimmer, Lancome Ombre Absolue Duo Radiant Soothing Eye Shadow duo in Black Gem.
I liked the concept of vibrating brush in Prescriptives Motor Eyes Instant Action Mascara. I only have to put one coat and the vibrating wand does all the work for me. I should not forget to mention Lancome Virtuose Divine Lasting Curves Mascara with its curved brush that makes it so easy to reach the corners of the eyes and even the tiniest of the lashes.
There was a major hype with Guerlain Divine #480 as it was Angelina Jolie’s favorite lippie. Women with pouted lips loved the perfect nude and neutral color. Even Jolie misses it once it was discontinued. Some of the favorite shades discontinued are Aveda Cheek and Lip Crème in Guava, Clinique Quickliner for Lips, Lancome Color Fever Gloss Roses in Rose Jolie.
MAC lovers are undoubtedly going to miss Wonder Woman Eyeshadow X4 Lady Justice, Cutie Eyeshadow X4 and Look in a Box Rocker Chic. Girls, grab them before they are gone! Almay has also discontinued its Truly Lasting Color Pressed Powder Compact and Bright Eyes Collection which were great for everyday use. I’ve very weak nails that peel and split. But after using Avon Nail Experts Nail builder (at a price less than $5), it stopped peeling and made my nails grow stronger and longer and I could even use it as a base coat or top coat. I really miss it!
I’ve very thin, fine hair and Sebastian Mohair Shampoo gave me voluptuous volume. The best conditioner I’ve ever used was Loreal Mermade Replenishing Conditioner at a very affordable price. It is a deep conditioner for protein deficient hair yet light and it amazingly tames chlorine hair. Ladies, you know it is so hard to find a perfect hair styling product and it simply makes me insane when the manufacturers discontinue it. I have found nothing such versatile and hold for my long, fine hair like Jheri Redding Design Spritz. Some of the favorite products to curl up my hair were Artec Kiwi Shine Wax, Sebastian Wet Sleek Hold Liquid Gel which is discontinued. I absolutely loved the subtle shimmer what Clairol Herbal Essences Shimmery Nights Spray Gel used to give me for an instant party look.
It makes me nostalgic recalling my faves. Ladies, I would really appreciate if you could share some of your favorite products which are discontinued.
Upasana Sahu
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