Our Picks: Best Beauty Gadgets To Help You Through Summer 2011

Technology is ever increasing in our daily lives with the use of computers, smart phones, ipads and ebooks. One corner that has been slightly overlooked so far is the beauty area…… ..until now. Combining sleek design and clever engineering to solve beauty dilemmas that have taunted women over the years. Summer 2011 brings with it a host of clever gadgets to have you looking your best.

Sally Hansen Slanted Tip Tweezers

The Sally Hansen Beauty Tools See the Light Comfort Lighted Tweezers with Slant Tip ($9.99) is futuristic, and aims for perfect brows. You will never have a stray hair again. This little device retails at Target.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl XL

Create glamorous curls and loose waves with Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Curl XL ($90 – Amazon.com). A 1 ½ inch aluminum barrel with double ceramic heaters help you get hair a movie star would be proud of. The Express Ion Complex hydrates and adds shine to your look so you need never have a bad hair day again.

Glo Teeth Whitening Device

Professionally whiten teeth at home with the innovative GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($275 – Gloscience.com). Rather than using harsh abrasive chemicals that can damage teeth and cause sensitivity, the GLO whitening gel is activated by patented Guided Light Optics Technology that illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms up.

Tria hair removal laser

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser ($395 – Triabeauty.com) delivers permanent hair removal at home. In 6 months you could be completely hair free. The laser disables hair follicles and is the only known method to stop hair growing back entirely. Safe and easy to use, the initial price might be quite steep but think of the money you will save never having to wax or shave again.


Prevent breakouts with Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit (£39.99 – Myzeno.com). A medicated ache solution and gentle massaging heat destroy ache bacteria and unclog pores for a fresh-faced complexion.


Never have an embarrassing beauty disaster again by trying out a new look with the istylist makeover app ($0.99 – itunes.com). Simply take a photo of yourself, upload it to your phone and start creating a new you with over a hundred different hairstyles including celebrity looks.

What’s your beauty go-to gadget you cannot live without? Drop us a comment below.

– Rachel Gardner