(Review) Want a Whiff of Happiness? Now Smell Moment de Bonheur Fragrance

On a warm humid day in on lovely rooftop of the Firmenich Fragrance offices, beauty reporters were introduced to Moment de Bonheur, the latest scent by Yves Rocher. Guests were treated to Restaurant Associates delicious hors d’orves and champagne throughout the evening.

Moment de Bonheur
Described as a moment of true happiness in a bottle, Moment de Bonheur is comprised of coveted rose oils. The scent its light, but bursting with purest rose scent of Centefolia. The coveted rose is only picked at dawn at a certain time in May, then pressed for the pure extract. The Centefolia fields only grow a few dozen kilos a year in Provence. The fragrance is at first a heavenly and fresh rose,then changes over to a subtle scent with a hint a vanilla.
A simple but elegant bottle creates a trio of Pink, green and, yellow hues that melt into one another creating a light burst of color. Moment de Bonheur will be available in October on www.yvesrocherusa.com.
Eau de parfum 1.7 fl oz $58
Perfumed Body lotion 6.7 fl oz $25
Perfumed bath and shower gel 6.7 fl oz $19

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