Patricia Wexler's Tinted Moisturizer for Summer

Looking for even skin tone but hate the weight of foundation? Tinted moisturizer is the answer to your prayers. We’ve been devout fans ever since discovering its ability to even out our blotchy skin tone under makeup.

Patricia Wexler Tinted Moisturizer

Patricia Wexler, known as the dermatological wonder doctor, created the Daily Defense Anti-Oxidant Tinted Moisturizer as a fail-proof skin treatment that improves the quality and appearance of your skin. Not only does it fill in visible pores and banish red spots, but it’s SPF 30, which means you don’t have to apply a separate layer of greasy sunscreen to avoid getting burned. We applied a coating of the tinted moisturizer on our skincare volunteer Kristen (pictured) before she headed off to play tennis in the brutal August sun.

Patricia wexler tinted moisturizer

Her face appeared even-toned and vibrant, and an acquaintance even commented about her glowing skin. Her only complaints were that it feels a little strange during periods of heavy sweating on the tennis court, and smelled a little bit like sun block. But Kristen also says that overall, she will never head out on the town without the tinted moisturizer on. Finally, another convert!

Only $29.50 at Bath & Body Works.