Payot Debuts Benefice Soleil Anti-aging Sun care Line

The Egyptians were smart to worship the sun. Along with its proverbial warm rays, the sun does us all some good in so many ways. It protects the planet from melting; it gives us Vitamin D; it fixes bone calcium levels in our body and treats several skin diseases.

You could well say that but for the sun, not only would the Earth turn into a ice ball and there would be no way we could survive. But the opposite is also true: too much sun can be a dangerous thing, especially those who bask for hours on the beach may well know.

Payot Emulsion

Payot is a skincare company that makes one of my all time favorite products: the Regenerating Precious Mineral Dry Oil that goes on so beautifully and is made with semi-precious stones and gemstones.

Payot Beneficience Soleil

Its brand new product, that launches in April 2010 is the Benefice Soleil line: a suncare line whose chief ingredients are the essential oil and milk of the sunflower. The line’s four products will be sold exclusively at salons and they aim to curb the effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the skin. Sunflower oil acts as an antioxidant, and sunflower milk soothes redness associated with sun exposure. The sunflower petals are primarily made out of flavinoids, and protect the DNA in cells as well as aid in cell turnover.

Payot Bronzer

The first thing that impressed me the most when I applied the Benefice Soleil anti-aging protective cream is the faint aroma that is oh so heavenly. It’s completely transparent on your skin and the cream leaves a soft sheen on your skin that bodes well for a sun-kissed glow.

The scent comes from another ingredient in the mix: lotus flower, which is originally from Asia and considered as a sacred flower; this is blended with peony and jasmine scents to create a truly unique blend.

The four products are:

Benefice Soleil anti-aging cream SPF 30 for face and sensitive areas: This cream contains UVA/UVB filters and precious sunflower extracts; it should be a core part of your suncare regimen

Benefice Soleil Emulsion protective emulsion SPF 15 for face and body: this is a non greasy emulsion for a smooth and non tacky finish. It has the more delicious aroma.

Benefice Soleil anti-aging reparing milk for face and body: this is a highly concentrated lotion of sunflower milk that is perfect for redness and any blotchiness you may experience while being in the sun.

Benefice Soleil Protective Illuminating Powder SPF 6 for face and decollete: this powder is perfect for all skin complexions and has filters to protect the skin against external factors, plus SPF to say nay to the sun’s rays. I end up using this as a bronzer/ cheek blush because of its rosy undertones.

Remember, much as these products look and sound wonderful, they are not available until April at and your salons.