Photo, Class, Review: Do You Know Mally Beauty? Celeb Makeup Artist Mally Roncal Master Class At Henri Bendel

Photo, Class, Review: Do You Know Mally Beauty? Mally Roncal Master Class At Henri Bendel

Who is Mally? Is what you might be asking. Well, If you don’t know who Mally Roncal she is you definitely have seen her work. She is responsible for creating the gorgeous looks for Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez. As a makeup artist myself, I will admit I was nervous meeting a famous artist whose work I truly admire. Well, as soon as I walked in and saw her sitting in her chair I was put at ease by her warm smile and bubbly personality. She was just like my best girlfriend.‘This is going to be fun,’ I said to myself.

I started our chat by asking her how she got her start in cosmetics. As a child and young adult, she loved to experiment at her mother’s boudoir. She followed her parents footsteps and went to college to major in pre-med as both of her parents are doctors. She ultimately wanted to become a dermatologist. I find this appropriate as beautiful, glowing skin is Mally‘s makeup trademark! She went to work for a fashion designer but she found the only thing that she really loved was the hair and makeup artists during fashion week. It was during this time she decided to go for her true passion which was beauty!

Photo, Class, Review: Do You Know Mally Beauty? Mally Roncal Master Class At Henri Bendel

Photo, Class, Review: Do You Know Mally Beauty? Mally Roncal Master Class At Henri Bendel

My dream is to work someday with someone so talented as the fabulish Mally. I wanted to know how does someone go about that. She looks for kind, warm, friendly people. Divas need not apply. She told me that even if the person isn’t the most talented, as long as they are hard working and willing to learn, humble and kind, anything is possible.

She is adamant that she doesn’t ask her staff to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. Be it take out the trash or run and get coffee. I have been in the cosmetic industry for twenty years, and have met my share of artists with their own line who wouldn’t even say ‘hello’ to me, let alone take out the garbage. This is the FIRST time I have ever come across someone as humble as Mally. Her personality and excitement is so contagious. No wonder she is in such high demand by top celebrities and consumers alike!!

Now, onto my favorite topic, COSMETICS!!! I wanted to know her top products, because, of course, I would be buying them later on for myself!! All of her makeup is BULLET PROOF, won’t fade away. First and foremost, her favorite product is the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40.00). This product is amazing! It has the most unusual texture. It mattifies and sets your makeup for the whole day, but it WILL NOT make your skin look ashy. Most translucent powders bring out the lines, wrinkles and make you look ghostly. NOT FACE DEFENDER. It’s so easy to use, it melts onto the skin and it makes you look flawless.

Her next favorite product is Shimmer, Shape and Glow Face Defining System ($40.00). This tri-color blush is designed to contour your face, making you look thinner by highlighting: giving you a lifted look as though you lost five pounds. I love how her whole line is all about making the best possible you. It’s easy, natural and best of all, you look like you just had the most romantic evening ever. I had to ask her what makes eyes pop — she talked about her Volumizing Mascara ($20.00) which I might add won a QVC award two years in a row.

We had to wrap up our little chat, as she was having a master class that evening at Henri Bendel. I felt like I spent an hour with my best friend. She is just like she is on tv. All that and even more. I was excited to attend her class later that evening. I am a Mallynista for life! I love her products, her philosophy and her! As a beauty blogger I get to go to many events and get products to try. Mally Beauty is the FIRST line I have loved so much that I actually bought, and will continue to buy. I even turned my mom onto it! Take it from me beauty lovers everywhere, I have tried everything and this line AWESOME!

So, tell me…Are you going to convert and become a Mallynista like me?

Available at Henri Bendel, and at

– Erin Sutera, senior writer and makeup artist

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