Review, Photos: Amika + Cynthia Rowley Ceramic Styler: How To Get Volume, Curls, Flips & Straight Hairstyles

I was first introduced to the Amika line via Birchbox when I received a sample of their Obliphica Oil Treatment for hair. The scent alone had me putting it on my wrists as I loved smelling it on my hair throughout the day! I then bought their Curl Defining Cream in the same scent as I found out more about the sea buckthorn berry (obliphica) and how its tree goes through tremendous stress and has natural ingredients within the berry to protect your hair from environmental stresses. So, needless to say I already was a fan of Amika. Then, adding one of the greatest designers to date into the mix, made my head spin. Or curl. Or wave, or whatever I wanted the new Amika X Cynthia Rowley styler to do.

The styler is now available at Sephora, flying off the displays as the Amika team was at different stations throughout the store styling women and children’s hair into curls, waves or using it more like a flat iron. It is a piece of artwork within itself. Just looking at it I wanted to have it as it was so colorful and my daughter had just asked for one! I was in luck, plus I also got to interview the designer herself as well.

Me and Cynthia Rowley

Ms. Rowley and I are both working moms and I immediately felt a warm connection to her. I see her out and about town a lot but never had the chance to really talk to her. This was my chance to find out more about the woman I have always admired and how she chose Amika to partner with among the variety of other hair brands.

Ms. Rowley mentioned that she had been using Amika products during two Fashion Week shows already and loved their line — I wasn’t certain of who asked who to collaborate, but this styler came from the meetings and the comfort levels between the designer and Amika’s hair products and tools. I also found out that the pattern used on the styler itself was an exuberant floral design that came straight from her Spring 2012 runway collection. Ms. Rowley said when she saw all of the colorful stylers backstage at her past spring/summer shows, it was such a sight to behold; seeing a product that had her design was a great reality plus Amika made it so beautifully that it has an overall print from end to end.

She was very proud of this product as she should be. Ms. Rowley loved the intricate details that Amika used when designing this styler. The very colorful design could have translated horribly if not done correctly. As a VP of a marketing firm I can tell you this must have been an arduous task for the design team at Amika. It’s almost as if the product was wrapped in the stunningly detailed floral print.

This styler has 100% tech grade black ceramic plates that generate ionic, far infrared heat that seals in moisture and eliminates frizz. It is adjustable up to 450°F for powerful, one-pass styling when needed. It’s also versatile as you can use it to make your hair straight, curly or wavy. Ms. Rowley even mentioned that you can take a strand of hair, form it into a figure 8 and then use one of the two pins provided to make a more individualized, funky curl or wave. It’s up to you how you’d want to use this product even though I witnessed all three styles and they all came out without frizz or unhealthy looking texture.

There is a QR code on the side of the box that allows you to go straight to the Amika site for how-to tutorials, tips and trends. I love QR codes as they are a platform for great tips and techniques.

Available for $115 at Sephora and only. Please note once again it is both a Sephora exclusive and also a Limited Edition item.

Fun Extra to Note: When purchased, you get an over-sized poster of the print and a backstage look at her spring show is included with the ceramic styler!

Hair Tips noted on include the following:

How to achieve volume:

-Section your hair top from bottom.
-Place a section of hair between the plates, starting at the roots.
-Slightly flip the styler under about one-fourth to one-half inch and pull the opposite way your hair falls.

How to achieve curls:

-Section your hair top from the bottom.
-Place a section of hair between the plates starting at the roots. For tighter curls, take smaller sections of hair and for larger waves, take bigger sections.
-Close the plates lightly on the hair, twist the handle 360° until the ends of your hair are pointing outward, then gently pull straight down.
-The slower you slide the styler down the hair and the more pressure you apply to the handle, the tighter the curl will be.

How to achieve straight:

-Divide your hair top from the bottom horizontally.
-Place a section of hair between the plates starting at the roots.
-Gently and slowly pull straight down so each strand is straightened.
-Remember the plates are ceramic and will not burn your hair, so it’s ok to slow down a bit. It’s much healthier than going over the same strand repeatedly.

How to achieve flips:

-Place a section of hair between the plates starting at the roots.
-Gently pull straight down until you get approximately mid-shaft and begin to flip the styler out (or under) about 180° or less (depending on the size of the flip you want to achieve).

– Nicole Gordon Levine

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