Photos, Review: Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol - Clarifying Cleanser, Skin Clearing Treatment & Renewing Lotion

Beyond just getting rid of pimples when they appear, Olay’s Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol aims to provide consistently clear skin with a 3-step daily regimen. According to the company, it has been professionally designed, using proven technology, to reduce and help prevent blemishes and breakouts while balancing moisture levels and minimizing the appearance of oily skin throughout hormonal fluctuations. It also claims to reduce the look of enlarged pores and uneven texture in just 4 weeks.

Photos, Review: Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol - Clarifying Cleanser, Skin Clearing Treatment & Renewing Lotion

Claims like these beg to be tested, so I pulled my hair back and got to trying it. The first step of the regimen is to cleanse with the Pore Clarifying Cleanser, a scentless, white cream that comes in a tube. It contains salicylic acid but is not at all drying. In fact, it leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized without being greasy. The next step is to treat and prevent by applying the Skin Clearing Treatment. This is meant to control breakouts and prevent future ones. It also contains salicylic acid but is surprisingly gentle. Instead of the strong scent and tingling burn I usually associate with salicylic acid, it feels like a regular, unscented moisturizer. On to the final step, which is to hydrate and renew with the Complexion Renewing Lotion. The lotion is sheer, and its purpose is to reduce spots and redness. During the day, I add the UV Moisturizer with SPF 15 to the regimen. It’s light, oil-free and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

After a month of daily use, the results have been mostly positive. My skin has genuinely become smoother. The small bumps on my forehead, that were not visible but could be felt, have disappeared. Dry patches I tend to get on my cheeks have evened out. Moisture levels are just right and oiliness has been reduced (but hasn’t disappeared). However, the protocol wasn’t effective on my monthly breakout. It didn’t do much to prevent or shorten the length of it. I found myself turning to a non-regimen spot treatment for the flare-up. In spite of this, I would recommend these products. The skin balance improvement is tangible and consistent, making it worth trying.

The regimen retails for $29.99 and can be found at your local drug stores.

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– by Michelle Kuo

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