(Preview) Jillian Dempsey for Avon Debuts Professional Corrector Palette, Professional Eye Smokifier

We all want to put our best foot (or face) forward each day. Ever wonder what it would be like to have your very own private makeup artist at your beck and call every day? While we can’t promise a visit from Hollywood’s elite, Jillian Dempsey for Avon promises that you can achieve an effortless look with two new items she created for the collection.

JD Corrector Palette 2

While we did not try these products ourselves, here’s what they promise to do. The new Professional Corrector Palette is meant to take you from amateur to pro in a matter of seconds with a “dot and blend” technique. Before applying foundation, just dot and blend on any areas that need a little help. This palette comes in two shades, one made for fair skin, and another for darker skin tones. Here’s a tip from us: Green colors correct red or blotchy skin, lavender shades will correct yellow or sallow skin tones (like under eyes), yellow toned corrector will cancel out gray. Apply just a dab of foundation over the corrector as well, for a smooth, natural look. And yes, it’s only $8.

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Smokifier

Avon’s Professional Eye Smokifier was made for those enrolled in “Smokey Eye 101.” This soft tip applicator doubles as both a high pigmented shadow and liner and promises to buildcolor and blend for an easy smokey eye effect. There are four sultry shades to choose from: Bronze (850-610), Very Black (850-624), Blue Grey (850-639), and Khaki (851-290) Also $8.

All items are available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit www.avon.com.

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Elaine Hamilton

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